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(Mitsch) 1997 2W-R LM 19" (Precedent x Magician) TT10/3. A real breakthrough in color, large broad rounded perianth of pure white stands in contrast to the brilliant red corona frilled and expanded. It is almost as if the corona is emitting light. Heavy substance and strong stem. As in all flowers, climatic conditions will influence color intensity.
02-957 $15.00 each.


CLAVICHORD (Havens) 2001 11aY-W L 16" (Hillstar x Pink Holly) Y100/4. A very appealing split corona, the entire flower opens a rich lemon color, the corona gradually flattening and developing to creamy buffy white. At maturity, the white corona, folded into the rich lemon of the perianth, displays sharp contrast. Intermediate size here.
11-668 $6.00 each.



COUNTERPOINT (Havens) 2010 7W-Y L 16" (Acceleration op.) GO114. Nicely formed broad perianth with bowl shaped corona crenate at the edge with quite unusual coloring. Opens with a yellow perianth and orange at the rim of the cup. As the flower matures, the perianth becomes white, while the corona develops to a butterscotch yellow, eventually turning white if left out in the sun. Very prolific, this is a useful flower in the garden as well as for show.
07-396 $10.00 each.



(Havens) 2003 11aY-P L 15" (Hillstar x Pink Holly) Y100/10. Very pleasing flower, the corona opens lemon yellow and becomes a creamy pink in our garden. Here, the size qualifies for an intermediate. At maturity the ruffled corona becomes flat and splits evenly into the symmetrical perianth. Light fragrance.
11-634 $6.00 each.


Hawaiian Skies

(Mitsch) 2W-YYP M 13". Spectacular flower for the garden, the pure white perianth accentuates the large, bright expanded cup of brilliant yellow, bordered in red-pink. Prolific bloomer and increaser, this one makes a bright splash of color in the garden. Its strong stems support it well and its heavy substance gives long life to the flowers. It has a large flower, but produces a small bulb for us.
02-393 $12.00 each.


LIBERATION (Mitsch) 2003 2W-R LM 15" Brilliant corona, approximating the color of its sibling, Amadeus, the corona is less expanded at the base, more funnel shaped, flared and frilled at the margin; broad perianth segments are informal and very white. Deep pink red corona combined with the whiteness of the perianth is most striking in the garden, with its heavy substance, giving long life to the flowers.
02-817 $7.00 each.


NORTHERN SKIES  (Mitsch) 2007 6W-P  LM  14"  ((Accent x Debutante) x Cotinga)  2R37/6.  Intense corona color of true pink, containing very little yellow; white fully and evenly reflexed, smooth perianth. With shortish rather wide bell-shaped corona, it has a special charm for the rock garden.  Heavy substance throughout.  Rapid increaser and vigorous.
06-907  $14.00 each.


ORANGE CANDY (Galyon) 2009 2Y-O LM 28" (Copperfield x Shinon) FG56 Exceptional flower of unique color, ideal for the garden and arranging. Broad perianth of bright yellow with heavy substance; large bowl shaped crown of butterscotch orange with a picotee border, a shade lighter. Very pleasing flower, looking fine in clumps.
$10.00 each.


Slavic Dance

SLAVONIC DANCE (Havens) 2008 11aW-P M 15" (Lemon Sails x Mission Impossible) GH4/4. Flat corona, serrated and ruffled at the periphery, evenly splitting into the lemony white perianth. A fine flower for arranging and may be useful in collections for show.
11-593 $15.00 each.


Spanish Fiesta

SPANISH FIESTA (Havens) 2002 11aY-R M 18" Bright yellow ovate perianth segments make a standout color combination with the brilliant orange-red corona which splits into the perianth. Exceptionally colorful and reasonably formed, it is well suited for the garden, with its rapid increase, heavy substance and bright coloration. Makes rough appearing bulbs for us.
11-612 $8.00 each.


SPRING BOUQUET (Havens) 2007 2 Y-P LM 16" (Lorikeet x Magician) WH27/7. A very showy flower, this one has a relatively long cup, making the ruffled corona all the more prominent, with its deep peachy pink coloration. The mid-lemon perianth is broad, smooth and endowed with heavy substance. An exceptional flower for the garden with its vigor and ability to increase.
$12.00 each.


STRAWBERRY CREME (Havens) 2003 2W-P LM 15" (Precocious x Riot) AH22/1. A unique flower with much appeal, both for its creamy pink corona, and also for the pink flush in the perianth, as it grows for us. Very broad perianth is quite smooth with heavy substance; corona is disk shaped, nearly flat and heavily fluted. Strong stems.
02-289 $15.00 each.

Young Love

YOUNG LOVE (Mitsch) 2W-PPY LM 19". A most unusual color, this has been an excellent doer and a favorite type with many gardeners. The large flat corona of pink, with an underlay of lavender, and rimmed with amber yellow band, is set off by the broad white perianth.
02-943 $10.00 each.
  'Limited Supply'


More varieties are available in our 2013 domestic color catalog - $3.00 (deductible on order).

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