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Daffodil Information

Note: Coloration in photographs and descriptions of flowers are as they bloom here. Many of the pinks may open yellow or greenish and the intensity of pink coloration develops with maturity. Many of the red cups will develop their brightness with maturity as well. As in any flower, color is influenced by climatic and soil conditions.

Following are two definitions of terms:

Corona: The cup, or trumpet-shaped or disc-like outgrowth, arising from the inner surface of the perianth at the base of the segments.

Perianth: The six floral leaves, comprised of three sepals and three petals.

Daffodil Classification

Daffodils are classified into 13 different divisions. The division and the color codes are used to describe the flower.

Y=yellow; W=white or whitish; R=red; O=orange; P=pink; G=green.

Division 1 = trumpet; Division 2 = large cup; Division 3 = small cup; Division 4 = double;
Division 5 to 9 = various species hybrids; Division 11 = split corona;

Division 12 = miscellaneous; Division 13 = species (natural forms which grow in the wild)

Example: Pacific Rim 2Y-YYR

Division 2 means large cup; Y means yellow perianth and YYR means yellow cup with red rim.

Explanation of Descriptions

In the descriptions of the varieties as listed below, the name of the variety is given first in capital letters, followed by the name of the originator in parentheses. Then there is the date of registration or introduction. Next there is the classification symbol, composed of a division number and color code; flowering season, E. for early, M. for mid-season, L. for late. etc. Approximate height in inches or centimeters follows. Just preceding the price is an item number to be used on the order form. At the end of each alphabetic list of descriptions, there is a cultivar list by Division number.


DaffSeek - Daffodil Photo Database

It is our distinct pleasure to now have available a wonderful resource called DaffSeek, sponsored by the American Daffodil Society and created by Nancy Tackett and Ben Blake, where pictures of many of the varieties in commerce may be viewed.  Most of the daffodils listed on this website may be viewed there by clicking on the following link and keying all or part of their names:  

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